To achieve the project objectives, the PICASSO consortium mobilizes for the duration of the project and on a regular basis an outstanding community of ICT actors – representatives of the ICT industries from EU and US, domain experts, end-users and policy specialists, as well as representatives of the PPPs and research and innovation networks, both from the EU and the US. They are organized in four PICASSO EU-US Expert Groups that support the core consortium.

Expert Groups:

Three EU-US Thematic ICT Expert Groups focus on the strategic ICT technology areas 5G Networks, Big Data, and IoT/CPS, in relation to the societal challenges. Each group includes prominent experts from the EU and the US.

The EU-US ICT Policy Expert Group includes highly experienced policy specialists from the EU and the US, with specific experience in internet governance, cyber security, standards and interoperability, data privacy, and ethics.

Objectives of the Expert Groups:

The ICT Policy Expert Group and the technology-oriented Expert Groups will work closely together to identify policy gaps in the technology domains and to take measures to stimulate the policy dialogue in these areas. This will lead to a synergy between experts in ICT policies and in ICT technologies which is a unique feature of PICASSO.

The views of the groups will be integrated in joint working sessions in order to identify gaps and opportunities and to provide a map of challenges, open problems, and needs for future policies and strategic EU-US initiatives, both policy- and research-related. Cross-industry and cross-application findings will be captured thanks to the interactions within and between the groups.