The world is changing, rapidly, into a Global Networked Knowledge Society (GNKS), and we are in a step change from what we used to know. Understanding this is crucial for people, and in particular policy makers and strategists, as their aim is to take decisions that will impact the future in which people and organisations will function.

GNKS Consult was founded in 2006 by Maarten Botterman and conducts strategic and policy research and evaluation, building on excellence in understanding of the impact of the emerging Global Networked Knowledge trends on Society.  GNKS builds insights on sound, objective and empirically-based analysis, with an emphasis on the quality of the analysis and a balanced presentation of the findings, independent from any political and commercial interests.

GNKS and its associates have been active in European policy studies and evaluations for more than a decade, with a particular focus on those issues and opportunities that arise when (connected) technologies meet society. Current and previous work includes RFID, Internet of Things, eGovernment, Privacy and Data Protection, cybersecurity, telecommunications, (future) Internet and its governance aspects.

Role in the project

Lead of WP3 (policies). Responsible for ICT Policy expert group and related public activities. Support to the action plan for policy group. Preparation of policy briefs and related webinars. Preparation of White Paper and related recommendations for ICT policies in relations to EU-US collaboration