Project Policy Papers

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Public Project Reports

  • Opportunity Report “Towards Enhanced EU‐US ICT Pre‐competitive Collaboration” (March 2017)

    This report describes the major results that were obtained by the PICASSO Expert Groups in the first half of the PICASSO project on the technology sectors Internet of Things IoT) / Cyber-physical Systems (CPS), Big Data, and 5G, and on ICT policy relating to these technology sectors.

  • Analysis of Industrial Drivers and Societal Needs: towards new avenues in EU-US ICT collaboration (November 2016)

    This public report  provides an  analysis  of  EU-US  industrial  drivers  and  societal  needs/barriers, and highlights initial  proposals  for  collaboration  opportunities which  will  be  discussed,  refined  and  prioritised  by the Expert  Groups in  the  next  stages  of  PICASSO.

  • Overview on ICT-related access opportunities in EU and US (June  2016)

    This document represents the current state of play of the EU-US collaboration opportunities in ICT. Updated information on opportunities will be displayed on the PICASSO website.

  • Panorama of ICT landscape in EU and US: ICT, policies, regulations, programmes and networks in the EU and US (May 2016 – revised)

    This  report provides a “Panorama of ICT landscape in EU and US: ICT, Policies, regulations, programmes and networks in the EU and US”. Additionally, key activities in the rest of the world are also presented in order to put  the  work being  performed within  the  EU  and  US  in  context.  The  intention  of  this  document  is  to  set  the scene for the PICASSO project which has the intention to reinforce EU-US ICT collaboration in pre-competitive research and innovation related to key societal challenges: smart cities, smart energy and smart transportation, and in key enabling technologies: 5G Networks, Big Data, Internet of Things and Cyber-physical Systems.

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