Technische Universität Dortmund (TUDO), Germany

Main contact persons involved in PICASSO

Prof. Sebastian Engell

Chair, PICASSO IoT/CPS Expert Group

Mr. Christian Sonntag

Manager, PICASSO IoT/CPS Expert Group

Role, added value and ambitions in PICASSO

The Process Dynamics and Operations Group at TU Dortmund ( coordinates the work of the ICT thematic expert groups in PICASSO and is responsible for the IoT/CPS expert group and related activities. It also leads the development of EU-US strategic initiatives.

The EU and the US are world leaders in research and innovation in IoT and CPS. In PICASSO, TUDO aims at fostering a common understanding of the scientific and technological challenges in the domain of CPS and IoT and EU-US collaborations.

TUDO in brief

TU Dortmund is a leading German research university with a strong position in engineering and computer science. The Process Dynamics and Operations (dyn) Group is part of the Department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering which is one of the largest departments in Europe in this area. The interdisciplinary group comprises researchers from Chemical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Automation and Robotics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The research of the dyn group mainly concerns the development of advanced control and real-time optimization techniques and their application in the management and control of chemical and biochemical plants. The group is involved in many cooperative projects with industry, e.g. the HORIZON 2020 SPIRE project CoPro ( ) two EU Innovative Training Networks, oCPS ( ) and PRONTO ( )

Prof. Engell initiated and coordinated the EU project MULTIFORM on the integration of tools and modelling formalisms for complex heterogeneous systems and the EU project DYMASOS ( in which new methods for the distributed management of large physically connected cyber-physical systems with distributed autonomous management and global coordination were developed. He also coordinated the project CPSoS that developed a European Research and Innovation Agenda for the Engineering and Management of Cyber-physical Systems of Systems ( ). In 2012, Prof. Engell together with Prof. Hans-Georg Bock from IWR Heidelberg was awarded the ERC Advanced Investigator Grant MOBOCON ( – Model-based Optimizing Control.

Christian Sonntag is a senior researcher and project manager at the dyn group. His research focuses on the areas of modeling, simulation, and model-based tool integration, design and analysis of logic controllers, optimal and supervisory control, and analysis and verification of discrete-continuous (hybrid) technical systems. He is experienced in the acquisition, management, and technological execution of European research, innovation, and strategy projects. In addition to serving as the manager of the IoT/CPS Expert Group in PICASSO, he is or was involved in the EU projects MULTIFORM, DYMASOS, CONSENS (, and EMBOCON, the support action CPSoS, the Networks of Excellence HYCON and HYCON2 (, and the Marie Curie project oCPS (


Prof. Sebastian Engell
e-mail: sebastian.engell [at]