Great news – an Implementing Arrangement was signed between the European Commission and the US Government late 2016, facilitating cooperation between European and American researchers on projects funded under Horizon 2020, the European Union’s research and innovation programme! For example, a US entity can now become a research partner AFTER a H2020 project has started, and US research partners do not have to apply through the participant portal. We encourage you to make use of this implementing arrangement!

In practice, European and American researchers shall be able to work together more closely on projects funded under Horizon 2020. According to this agreement, cooperation between Horizon 2020 participants and US entities will be more agile and may be organised outside the formal H2020 Grant Agreement, in cases where the US organisations are funded by the US and do not receive any funding from the Horizon 2020 programme. The two sides intend to cooperate only in accordance with applicable laws, rules, policies, and regulations (including bureaucratic or reporting requirements) of their respective funding programs.

It is to be noted that EU and US Research partners are encouraged to reach a common understanding in respect of IPR, data access, and other matters considered essential to research collaboration governance.

For more information, check out the webpage of the European Commission (also providing access to the related Frequently Asked Questions), as well as the Agreement (“Implementing Arrangement”).