Global5G.org project looks at standardisation and verticals in 5G

Global5G.org has just been launched in the context of the 5G-PPP phase 2 with the major aim of strengthening the links between vertical industries, standardisation and research, as diverse requirements emerge from different vertical industry use cases. Global5G.org will also play a role in supporting consensus building on standardisation and harmonisation on policy and regulations [...]

EU ministerial declaration on 5G Networks signed

The European Union has signed a major ministerial declaration that suggests European Member States combine their collective resources to realise the potential of 5G Networks across the EU, and make Europe a global leader in future mobile networking technology. The main focus of the declaration of intent is on the establishment of a common baseline [...]

Looking back on PICASSO “Trans-Atlantic Symposium on ICT Technology and Policy”

The PICASSO Team is proudly looking back on a very stimulating and animated “Trans-Atlantic Symposium on ICT Technology and Policy” with over 90 participants, coming from the EU as well as the USA! Everyone enjoyed the high quality of the talks given, showed big interest in the presentation and topics discussed, and actively contributed by [...]

CROSSROADS: Still hesitating?

As already announced in this news section, CROSSROADS - your EU-US ICT info hub, developed by the PICASSO Project, has been successfully launched and is available both: as a dedicated website as a Mobile app on iOS and Android    .. If you still hesitate to check out the website or download the application, why [...]

Policy Brief on ICT Security released

The PICASSO Policy Expert Group chaired by Maarten Botterman (GNKS) and Dave Farber (Carnegie Mellon University) just released a Policy Brief on ICT Security and its interrelation with EU-US collaboration on ICT development, specifically related to developments in 5G Networks; Big Data and Cyber Physical Systems (including IoT). In view of the current state and [...]

5G-ENSURE 2nd International Workshop: From Research to Standardisation during ETSI Security Week, Friday 16 June 2017

The workshop provides insights into research and technical results in 5G privacy and security achieved within 5G-ENSURE, one of the 5G PPP projects from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. 5G-ENSURE defines a reference security architecture for 5G networks, which was recently agreed as a vision in the 5G-PPP Security working group [...]

Not yet registered? June 19-20: Trans-Atlantic Symposium on ICT Technology and Policy

The “Trans-Atlantic Symposium on ICT Technology and Policy – 5G Networks, Big Data, Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems for a Smart Society”, organized by the PICASSO project and hosted by the Technological Leadership Institute, University of Minnesota, will be held in Minneapolis on June 19-20, 2017. Symposium sponsors include the U.S. National Science Foundation, [...]

PICASSO Webinar “Cybersecurity and its impact on EU-US ICT collaboration”: Cybersecurity stakes are rising

The PICASSO webinar on ICT security kicked off with the realization that the stakes are rising rapidly, with more and more incidents getting noticeable by the wider public, ranging from the WannaCry ransomware attack from last week to the Dyn denial of service attack (by “connected Things”) from last October and the many user data [...]

CROSSROADS is online!

The PICASSO project is pleased to announce the launch of CROSSROADS, its brand new information hub fully dedicated to EU-US ICT collaboration. Free of charge and updated continuously, CROSSROADS will provide you with all the information needed: Access the EU-US ICT projects and networks databases; Find out more about EU and US programmes facilitating ICT [...]

May 16, 2017: PICASSO webinar on ” Cybersecurity and its impact on EU-US ICT collaboration”

The PICASSO project is organizing a policy webinar on " Cybersecurity and its impact on EU-US ICT collaboration” which will take place on May 16, 2017 (03.00 p.m. UTC). Aim of the webinar is to discuss and refine policy recommendations designed to improve EU/US ICT-orientated collaborations - specifically in three technological domains: 5G networks; Big [...]