“DISCOVERY Partner Search Tool” and “PICASSO CROSSROADS – Your EU-US ICT info-hub” collaborate to maximise impacts for transatlantic collaboration

The PICASSO and DISCOVERY initiatives share a joint mission: supporting transatlantic collaboration in ICT (PICASSO: EU-US; DISCOVERY: EU-US-Canada). The “DISCOVERY Partner Search” web tool and “PICASSO CROSSROADS – Your EU-US ICT info-hub” mobile application and dedicated web pages are main means that contribute to promote, encourage and engage relevant stakeholders at an international level, stemming information [...]

Trans-Atlantic Workshop on Public Private Partnerships for Big Data

The NSF Big Data Innovation Hubs, in collaboration with PICASSO Project, BDVA and INRIA, held an invitation-only workshop on November 20th, 2017 in conjunction with the European Big Data Value Forum 2017. The workshop brought together academic and industry actors from the US and the EU to share ongoing big data research and innovation efforts, who discussed [...]

SAINT (Systemic Analyser in Network Threats) project conducts survey

SAINT (Systemic Analyser in Network Threats) is a H2020 research project funded by the European Commission. The project's aim is to examine the problem of failures in cyber-security using a multidisciplinary approach that goes beyond the purely technical viewpoint. SAINT is currently conducting a survey. The SAINT surveys aim to deliver a comparative analysis of [...]

PICASSO Partner ATC wins Public Award in Innovation Radar Final

Congratulations to PICASSO Partner ATC who won the Public Award in the Innovation Radar Prize final for Truthnest, a tool that the company created in 2016 to address the phenomenon of fake news. ATC is one of the TOP 20 organizations that were set to move into the Innovation Radar Prize final, and 1 out of [...]

EU-US CPS Trustworthiness Event on December 11, 2017, in London

The Imperial College London and the US National Institute of Standards and Technology are jointly organising the  CPS Event Toward a Calculus for Logical Optimization of Trustworthy CPSs, which will take place on December 11th, 2017 at the Imperial College London, London, UK. The event has two aims: to report on research undertaken toward a [...]

Oct.23, 2017: European Commission published “Study on Spectrum Assignment in the European Union” to support 5G roll-out

The European Commission has published the latest study on spectrum assignments that will support the EU's work towards successful 5G deployment. The objective was to assess the specific elements, processes and conditions under which radio spectrum, in particular for 5G usage, should be authorised and assigned by Member States. It meanwhile analysed how timely access [...]

PICASSO at the Platforms4CPS Cyber-physical Systems Roadmap Workshop in Paris

The PICASSO IoT/CPS Expert Group (EG) was invited to present their visions, RDI priorities, and recommendations for EU-US collaborations in the area of cyber-physical systems at a Cyber-physical Systems Roadmap Workshop that was organized in the Thales tower in Paris on Oct. 23, 2017, by the Platforms4CPS project (www.platforms4cps.eu). Platforms4CPS is a 24-month H2020 coordination [...]

Global standards setting is key to a sustainable way forward

Standards setting and development within a single sector does not keep pace anymore with evolving business interests across sectors and standards competition.  ICT penetration is often portrayed as a form of convergence; if “general purpose” ICTs can be used across sectors, the benefits of broad-based or flexible standards may increase and existing standards may need [...]

Oct 27th: US launch of the EU’s Work Programme for Research and Innovation 2018-2020

Horizon 2020 is the European Union's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, with a budget of €77 billion between 2014 and 2020 to support scientifically-excellent research, innovation, and technological development, through collaborative research projects as well as grants and fellowships to individuals. It is open to the world, US researchers are very welcome to get [...]

US Congress tries to legislate IoT security

US senators have introduced a new bill to enforce the adherence of internet-connected devices that are purchased by government agencies to specific security requirements. So far, security is not a big selling point for device manufacturers, and one goal of the bill is to establish security aspects as a competitive advantage that will hopefully also [...]