The PICASSO and DISCOVERY initiatives share a joint mission: supporting transatlantic collaboration in ICT (PICASSO: EU-US; DISCOVERY: EU-US-Canada). The “DISCOVERY Partner Search” web tool and “PICASSO CROSSROADS – Your EU-US ICT info-hub” mobile application and dedicated web pages are main means that contribute to promote, encourage and engage relevant stakeholders at an international level, stemming information and knowledge transfer.

The “DISCOVERY Partner Search Tool” features in matching partners across the Atlantic for EU-North America collaboration projects in ICT R&I. It has an edge in providing fertile resources of ICT related projects, funding agencies, research centres, funding programmes and lead partner contact from Europe, the US and Canada.

“PICASSO CROSSROADS – Your EU-US ICT info-hub” features databases with the latest information on 440+ EU-US ICT projects, programmes and networks, as well as guidance on ICT collaboration opportunities and open calls in the EU and the US. ICT events across the globe are also promoted to enhance the user experience. The tool provides specific information on the following core topics of common interest for the EU and the USA: 5G Networks, Big Data and IoT/CPS.

“DISCOVERY Partner Search Tool” and “PICASSO CROSSROADS – Your EU-US ICT info-hub” tool are both branded and promoted as complementary “go-to” places for interested stakeholders from the industry & industry associations, academia, government and funding agencies to find partners and like-minded experts at EU, US and Canadian level to initiate potential future joint ventures.

To unleash more potential of the Partner Search Tool and create more opportunities for stakeholders eager to find partners, the DISCOVERY and PICASSO projects have agreed to integrate the datasets of DISCOVERY into PICASSO CROSSROADS – Your EU-US ICT info-hub. Through this joint effort, ICT stakeholders from both sides of the Atlantic gain mutual benefit and significant more impact with the information gathered efficiently at one stand.


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