The workshop provides insights into research and technical results in 5G privacy and security achieved within 5G-ENSURE, one of the 5G PPP projects from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

5G-ENSURE defines a reference security architecture for 5G networks, which was recently agreed as a vision in the 5G-PPP Security working group and shared by most 5G-PPP Phase I projects. Furthermore, supported by the project’s architecture, 5G-ENSURE provides key enabling technologies addressing core security and privacy concerns in 5G networks. These enablers include novel AAA mechanisms, privacy-enhancing technologies, tools for assessing the risk and analysing the trust relations between entities in 5G networks, and security monitoring and security-enhancing network management approaches.

The scope of 5G-ENSURE workshop is to transfer the vision, concepts and enablers matured and released for 5G network and system security to be considered in the ongoing 5G security standardization work.

An Open Consultation Survey on 5G Security and 5G-ENSURE activities will be launched to collect feedback from the 5G community of experts and (future) users.

The results will be presented and discussed during the workshop and will be an opportunity to exchange European perspectives on security work in 5G-ENSURE.

The event is free to attend.

Find more information on the event webpage.