The PICASSO webinar on ICT security kicked off with the realization that the stakes are rising rapidly, with more and more incidents getting noticeable by the wider public, ranging from the WannaCry ransomware attack from last week to the Dyn denial of service attack (by “connected Things”) from last October and the many user data breaches in 2016 including the Yahoo breach and many others, compromising hundreds of millions of individuals.

More than 30 people participated to the Webinar, and a good discussion based on the draft policy document led to the conclusion that EU US collaboration would help address issues in ICT security that are global by nature.
5G is a game changer that will further enhance the hyper-connected society, even more so in combinations with the increase in sensors and actuators in the networks (IoT), and with Big Data securing access to private date becomes even more critical – and can only be ensured by implementing privacy by design for privacy sensitive data. Participants agreed that a taxonomy on security sensitivity is important and recognise that a crucial aspect of a secure society is that all actors work together to address vulnerabilities responsibly rather than exploit them which goes at cost of the overall dependability of the cyber environment.

A registered version of the webinar, the presentations as well as as a summary document are available on the related webpage.

The updated policy report on cybersecurity will be published towards the end of May 2017.