The PICASSO consortium has just released the PICASSO Opportunity Report “Towards Enhanced EU‐US ICT Pre‐competitive Collaboration” that provides a comprehensive survey of technology and policy themes and promising collaboration opportunities that have been identified for EU-US collaboration. In addition, the report provides detailed background information, such as comprehensive analyses of the technological EU and US research and innovation priorities in the IoT/CPS, Big Data, and 5G technology sectors and in ICT policy, a survey of the EU-US funding and collaboration landscape, the major barriers for EU-US collaboration, and the current EU and US policy environment.

The report was created based on on in-depth discussions with a large network of international experts and stakeholders, analytical research by the PICASSO Expert Groups, preliminary PICASSO results and other feedback collection mechanisms such as an interactive IoT/CPS webinar and a public consultation.

The report is available for download in the ‘Project Reports Section‘ of this website.