The PICASSO project is organizing a “Trans-Atlantic Symposium on Technology and Policy for a Smart Society”, planned to be held in Minneapolis on June 19-20, 2017 and hosted by the Technological Leadership Institute (TLI) at the University of Minnesota.  The symposium will focus on EU/US collaboration in the ICT topics of the Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems, big data, and 5G networks.  Research and innovation priorities in these areas will be covered and we will also discuss cross-cutting policy aspects.  Application domains of specific interest include the “smart society” elements of smart cities, smart energy, and smart transportation.  Academia, industry, policy makers, and representatives of funding bodies will participate.

We are inviting other groups that have common interests with PICASSO—including related EU and US projects, networks, and organizations—to organize sessions at the symposium.  These sessions can be used, for example, to showcase achievements of the participating groups and to discuss potential collaborations. We anticipate over 100 attendees with an interest in learning about research, innovation, and policy priorities in key ICT topics, related initiatives and projects from the EU and US, and current and upcoming funding opportunities.  The symposium will also be an outstanding venue for all participants to enhance their trans-Atlantic networks for future collaborations.

Sessions can be organized for half- or full-day durations and can cover any of the ICT topics in PICASSO’s scope or related policy issues. The PICASSO team is available to discuss ideas. Interested groups are asked to contact Svetlana Klessova (inno TSD, the PICASSO coordinator) at s.klessova (at) or Tariq Samad (TLI, the event chair) at tsamad (at)